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GNOME Asia 2019

First of all, I would like to thank the GNOME Foundation and the travel committee for providing me the sponsorship to attend this event. So I departed on the night of 10th of October from Trivandrum International Airport to Changi Airport and finally Juanda International Airport in Indonesia. I reached on the 11th of October […]

School Visit

The School Visit program is part of the Amrita Values Programme here at Amritapuri. The latter introduces the students to the concept of public social awareness and how to transmit the messages of social consciousness to the general public. In our case, we were asked to present a topic of our choice to a group […]

DevConf.IN by Red Hat

DevConf.IN is an annual conference organized by Red Hat which is held at Christ University in Bangalore, India. This conference was mainly a gathering of FOSS enthusiasts where each and every one of us could share our own experience of FOSS. People contributing to several open-source organizations such as Mozilla, Fedora, Red Hat, etc… are […]

IncubateIND Hackathon, Kochi

This is my second hackathon and I did not expect it to be so professional. The mentors were really helpful, the Jury were frank, they did not hold back their words which is appreciated since we needed to hear it :). Apart from that, the working place was spacious and welcoming so we definitely did […]

Hackathon at Microsoft Office

Let me just say that this was my first ever hackathon. I applied to some hackathons before but till then, I never got selected. Maybe it was due to a bad proposal or some unknown mistake but one thing that I know is that I always continued trying. So this is how it starts, My […]

My first FOSSTalk !

It all started with a simple message which was completely unexpected. I was like, why ??…why me?? . I knew it was going to be my turn one day but not as soon as this. Anyway I did not have a choice so I had to prepare something and quick as it was gonna happen […]

Part 1 :How to install Mediawiki .

As you guys might know , I just got started in the field of programming and open-source contribution. I was hoping that it would be easy enough for my to grasp the concept but after a fatal step (of which i have no idea) , the task of installing MySQL became so elusive and frustrating […]

Python as first programming language

Python is administered by the non-profit Python Software Foundation. It is a programming language which is quite versatile for different sorts of projects and easy for beginners to read and grasp. Firstly , everything about Python is free and available online. The language is open-sourced and free to use for everyone. Basically you just need […]