DevConf.IN by Red Hat

DevConf.IN is an annual conference organized by Red Hat which is held at Christ University in Bangalore, India. This conference was mainly a gathering of FOSS enthusiasts where each and every one of us could share our own experience of FOSS. People contributing to several open-source organizations such as Mozilla, Fedora, Red Hat, etc… are sure to be there. So if you want to get started with open-source or already contributing, that’s the place to go !

Opening ceremony !

The reason I was there along with my colleagues was to attend the talks and interact with the different people there. In short, I went there to get more exposure to the open-source world.

Every one of us was contributing to some open-source organization. I am a GNOME contributor and I’ve been focusing on their Gedit project lately. My friend, Yash Khare, is a FOSSASIA contributor and has been contributing significantly to two of their projects, and badge-magic. We went there with the serious intent of interacting with the developers and open-source enthusiast and even prepared some questions in advance 🙂

We reached there on the 3rd of August which was the last day of the conference since we could not be there the day before for some personal reason. We attended the opening talk by someone from Red Hat. His talk was about the dos and don’ts when starting to contribute to open-source organizations. Frankly speaking, it was a magnificent talk and we were all captivated by it since we could all relate to those mistakes. His talk covered all the aspects of open-source contribution such as communication, activity, community guidelines, etc…

After the talk, we were roaming around, checking out the different stalls and most importantly, collecting goodies 😉 Luckily, we were able to have personal talk with Brian and asked him several questions regarding some doubts we were having on our respective organizations. Personally, I would say that it was a meaningful and engaging exchange. Half-way through our explanation, he was able to pinpoint our problems and propose solutions. You could really feel the years of experience behind the guy.

Me(Rightmost), my Friends and Mr Proffitt.

In the end, I was offered the opportunity to present a lightning talk which was really a great honor for me since I was a simple attendee. I did not really have time to prepare on anything so I just spoke on my open-source contributions to GNOME foundation (I’ve been working on my contributions for the last 8 month so it was easy to just give a 5 min summary of what I did 😉 )

My next blog will be about my talk at DevConf.IN so stay tuned. Thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂

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