Veerasamy Sevagen

Hi there ! My name is Veerasamy Sevagen but I guess you already know that :)  I'm currently a student at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in the State of Kerala, India, pursuing a B-Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering .I'm an open-source enthusiast and an avid GNOME Foundation contributor and also part of [email protected] which is a club driven by Amrita Students dedicated to open-source softwares, contribution drives and Hackathons.


What I Do


Proficient in content writing, be it technical or non-technical. My blog page has been visited over 4000 times by over 1000+ visitors. Learned SEO and other optimisation techniques in the process.

Web Development

Experienced in the development of static or dynamic websites taking into consideration the UX and UI. I use CMS such as WorPress, Magento and Wix to create minimalist yet responsive sites. Godaddy or Gandhi are usally my ideal choices for domain hosting and acquiring a domain as well.


I love to speak about my work with GNOME Foundation as well as the experience you get from it. Have been a speaker at GNAS 2019 as well as DevConf.IN 2019.

Open-Source Contribution

I'm  an avid GNOME Foundation contributor since September 2018. I've worked in numerous projects such as Nautilus, Gnome-music, Gnome-Control-Centre and many more. With more than 200+ commits, I thrive to improve those already-perfect applications.

Clients and Contribution